We are extremely pleased and excited to share this amazing news with you!

Since the launch of ProCurrency, there has been a lot of excitement and expectations that we
have dedicated endless hours to meet.

We have been working relentlessly to provide the best platform in the world and we feel that we
have just accomplished that!

Today, we can say that we have accomplished ALL the goals detailed in our Whitepaper!

Our Whitepaper had a lot of great ideas for the apps to work simultaneously and to provide a
robust and feature rich network. Imagine if all the applications in our whitepaper were condensed
into ONE!

YES! You heard that right!

We are extremely pleased  and excited to present to you:   
"The Smartest Way To Pay At
THOUSANDS of Locations"
The 1st shopping app that allows you to pay with cash or crypto currency
& receive
INSTANT CASHBACK.  This is digital $mart Money.
"DNERO is the industry game changer"
$mart Money & The Currency of the Future.
The latest news about ProCurrency & DNERO
from the Dev team @ ProCurrency.org
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"The Smartest Way To Pay At
THOUSANDS of Locations"
How To Upgrade To The
Lastest PROC Wallet
“Use YOUR smart phone as your
preferred payment method to make
everyday purchases at major
retailers, restaurants, theaters and
more. Pay with CASH or Crypto with
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W E L C O M E    T O    PRO!

ProCurrency is the commerce coin. It is a decentralized p2p Blockchain that focuses on solutions for consumers
and businesses by rewarding them for utilizing cryptocurrency in their everyday life. The technology around
PROC helps the masses experience cryptocurrency without it seeming overly complicated. ProCurrency is
designed to transact an exchange of value between a consumer and a merchant.

* With DNERO, you can send and receive money.
* Upload funds to your smartphone
* Get instant cash rewards every time you pay.
* Convert crypto currencies into PROCURRENCY & Shop.
* Oh, Best of All!  Invite as many friends and get cash rewards
  from their spending!
Get DNERO App Access Now

1. Watch the short Dnero Preview Video below.

2. Then click the link under the video to create your free iThrive member account and you will have access to a free DNERO app account automatically!

*For Android users go to step #3

*For Apple iphone users log in to your apple app store and search for and download DNERO
then proceed to step #4

To download the DNERO app                              4.  Use your iThrive user account name & password to log into your Dnero app           
GO to the app store at play.google.com
Here's the link for the DNERO APP for android phones.
(DNERO app for apple phones is now available, see above)
What impresses us the most about this payment solution app:

1. Shop at top brands and get 1-3% cash back immediately.

2. Transfer your crypto coins into the app and start shopping within minutes.
   What  a GAME Changer   !!!!
    (The 1st app in the industry that allows you to liquidate crypto and shop within minutes.)

3. Share the app with friends and receive 1% cash back on their shopping and .5% on the shopping
of the friends they share it with, amazing potential.

Oh, it doesn't stop there.  That's just the beginning.

                                                                       to learn more.
With DNERO, you can pay for everyday purchases at major retailers,

restaurants, theaters and more with your smartphone. Get instant cash

rewards every time you shop, and best of all, invite as many friends to the

app and get cash rewards from their spending.

You have a smartphone Now You have digital Smart Money.
          With DNERO shop hundreds of brands like those pictured below.
Welcome to:

Below you will find info on
the crypto currency called ProCurrency.

Procurrency is the crypto currency
that bridges the gap for
consumers & merchants to be able to shop
with crypto currency
via the DNERO APP.
(Dnero Is the Game Changer!)
Buy Procurrency from:    https://hitbtc.com/
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